teespring-how to make money with teespring 2019

What is teesrping ?

Teespring is a site you buy and sell your design. like amazon or Alibaba. Different is here you get cloth but not everything. You can get a lot of dress in teespring. It is an online market place. Home delivery is available in this site. Designers keep their design in a store and it display. you just visit this site choose the product and order. If you are a designer, this site is valuable for you. I tell everything in details.

Teespring products category

In this image, you can see some category. 1st category is apparel. here you get items of clothing. if you want to buy the same design for T-shirt, phone case, mug, sock, home decor is possible here. Or you can design everything.

How to open teespring account 

Simply you can create teespring account. Go to teespring.com and sign up with your Gmail.

you just fill up this form and get a overview.

here you see everything of your account. Listing show your product, your profit, etc.

Design Color Mode and Size

Teespring has a design interface here you can design your T-shirt. If you are a pro designer , you will use Photoshop or Illustrator that’s it. Design should be unique. A lot of people visit teespring. People Need design quality. Average design is not sell. Some marketer visit this site for choosing T-shirt. They need some eye catching design. That’s why design is important.

Color mode is another important element for T-shirt design. Teespring recognize RGB color mode. Normally CMYK color mode is for print design. Don’t forget RGB color mode is for Teespring. RGB color mode is used on website.

Size is a matter for T-shirt Design. Teespring prefer 12×18 inch. Don’t change this size otherwise teespring reject your design. You also resize your design in teespring.

Product selling and Payout Method

First of all you focus your design then you submit it on teespring. When you submit your design you get a option for marketing you product.

teespring marketing

Image credit- Teespring Community

Like amazon, ebay, walmart, wish etc. $0.50 need to pay for marketing. They show your product in their market for selling. It’s a method of teespring.

Now you also marketing your product. If you have a facebook page or pinterest where you share your product link. Someone can buy your product.

There are two Payout method. One is Paypal and another is Payoneer. If have this account , you will simply add in teespring.

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