How to make money from Photography 2019

How to make money from Photography 2019


Photography is that the art, application and follow of making sturdy pictures by recording lightweight or different nonparticulate radiation, either electronically by suggests that of a picture device, or with chemicals by suggests that of a photosensitive material like film. it’s utilized in several fields of science, producing, and business, additionally as its additional direct uses for art, film and video production, recreational functions, hobby, and mass communication.

If you want to create a value on your photography , you need to publish your photo in stock website. They give you a value. A lot of people need your photography in their business. When someone make a website and start to blogging he needs copyright free picture or photography. He must buy your photography. Nowadays photography is a well develop profession. If your are a photographer , this post will help you to earn money from photography.

Today i tell about some website where you buy your photography. Some rolls and condition is applicable for buying photography. Your photography must be world class and eye catching. No more talking, now i start to tell about these website.



Shutterstock is one of the most popular site for selling photo. People upload photography all over the world. Everyday about 1045929 people visit the site. More than 300M photography is available in this site. 1st you need to open an account for uploading your photography.

Terms and Condition

  • You must open a contributor account
  • 1st you need to upload 10 photo
  • You must approve 7 photo out of 10
  • You get 25% money per sell

This is the condition. You you open a facebook account then you must create shutterstock contributor account. If you can’t approve 7 photo in 1st time , you will try to approve it again. 7 photo must approve for joining. If your photo sell $100 , you will get $25. It is royalty income source.

Contributor account opening link


How to make money from Photography 2019

iStock is another popular site for selling photograph. Everyday more than 182211 people visit this site. A lot of chance to sell photography. It is parent company of getty image. Now i tell about the system of joining.

Terms and condition

  • 1st you click the join button and fill up a form as usual.
  • Now you need to upload three photo.
  • Main condition is to approve three photo out of three.
  • You get $10-$45 per sell.

Here the joining link


How to make money from Photography 2019

Stocksy is also a popular site. Everyday approximately 5243 people visit this site. Here you can easily establish your photography career. This site is perfect for a newbie.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1st sign up and create the account and complete it.
  • Now you show your Portfolio that’s it.
  • You get 40%-50% money per sell.

You get a huge amount from this site. There is no tough condition like iStock or Shutterstock. You just build your Portfolio for yourself. Portfolio is more important. People measure you by seeing your portfolio.

Here is the sign up link


How to make money from Photography 2019

fotolia is one of the biggest site. It is the product of adobe. Everyone know better about adobe. That’s why fotolia is the best. If you are a best photographer you just join here. You get a good profit from fotolia. There is no condition here. You just sign up and start to work here. You get 10%-63% money per sell. But fotolia wants from you the best creation. 1st time you can’t get 60% of commission. Work hard and achieve the highest amount of money from fotolia.

Here is the contributor link


How to make money from Photography 2019

Crestock is popular for newbie. If you don’t have more confident to go shutterstock or istock , you will jump in crestock. Here you create your value easily. Competitor level is low from istock or shutterstock that is the chance for you to join here. New photographer can join here and publish his photography for improving himself. You may need to upload some photography or portfolio for 1st time. Like other site, you also create an account for selling photography.

Here is the sign up link

This is all about How to make money from Photography 2019. Here i include visitor statics. I get this information through SITEWORTHTRAFFIC. Visitor statics change day to day. If you have anything to say about the post or want to know more about, you just comment me.

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