//iPhone buyer’s guide-2019
iPhone buyer’s guide

iPhone buyer’s guide-2019

iPhone buyer’s guide-2019

I have made an iPhone buyer’s guide-2019 for you.

There are loads of models with bizarre names and brain-frazzling spec differences, so The Sun has put together a helpful explainer on how to buy the best iPhone for-2019.

Getty – ContributorConfused by all the latest iPhone models? We’ve created a simple guide explaining the main differencesWhat are the latest iPhone models? Apple’s current line-up explained

Apple’s website currently lists seven different best iPhone for-2019 models for sale.

The oldest of the bunch are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which came out in September 2016.

Next up is the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which launched in late 2017.

Then you’ve got the 2018 round of models, including the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

You can also buy the iPhone X (2018) at some stores online, but it’s been discontinued from the official Apple Store.

Apple has not released any new iPhone models in 2019, and probably won’t until September.The iPhone 7 is still an attractive phone – but the iPhone 8 is probably a better buy iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – are they worth buying in 2019?

Here a iPhone buyer’s guide for 2019

Here are the headline stats for an iPhone 7:Screen: 4.7 inches, 326 pixels-per-inchChip: Apple A10 FusionStorage: 32GBCamera: 12MP, single lensPrice: £449

The big advantage of the iPhone 7 is its tremendously cheap price – £449 for an iPhone is nothing to sniff at.

It was the first iPhone to be technically waterproof, and has a tried and tested (if a little outdated) design.

Apple currently supports software updates for iPhone models going right back to 2013, so you’ll still get a few more years of iOS upgrades for this 2016 blower.

But we’d still recommend upgrading to a newer model unless you’re on a very strict budget.

Top deals:iPhone 7 on O2 (10GB data) for £27 a month + £0 upfront (you pay £648 over 2 years) – buy now

Getty – ContributorThe iPhone 8 is a solid pick for gadget fans on a budgetiPhone 8 and 8 Plus – are they worth buying in 2019?

Here are the headline stats for an iPhone 8:Screen: 4.7 inches, 326 pixels-per-inchChip: Apple A11 BionicStorage: 64GBCamera: 12MP, single lensPrice: £599

The iPhone 8 famously offered very little in the way of upgrades over the iPhone 7.

It gets you a slightly better camera, and some improvements to the display, as well as a slightly faster processor.

And, of course, buying the iPhone 8 means you’ll get an additional year of iOS software updates – and all the new features that come with them.

This will cost £599, which is an extra £150 over the iPhone 7 – although the damage won’t feel so bad spread over a contract.

It’s generally always best to get the most recent model you can afford, purely so you can keep the gadget for longer.

So if you can spring for the iPhone 8 over the iPhone 7, it’s probably worth it.

Top deals:iPhone 8 on EE (9GB data) for £28 a month + £75 upfront (you pay £747 over 2 years) – buy nowiPhone 8 Plus on O2 (10GB data) for £33 a month + £155 upfront (you pay £947 over 2 years) – buy now

AlamyApple’s iPhone X was the first to feature an all-screen designiPhone X – is it worth buying in 2019?

Here are the headline stats for an iPhone X:Screen: 5.8 inches (OLED), 458 pixels-per-inchChip: Apple A11 BionicStorage: 64GBCamera: 12MP double lensPrice: £799

Apple launched the iPhone X alongside the iPhone 8 for £999.

It was the first iPhone to feature Apple’s all-screen redesign, with the (almost) entire face of the handset covered in display.

Apple has now adopted this design on all of its latest iPhone models, and it’s proved extremely popular – with many Android phones copying it exactly.

These days, you can get one for about £799, which is a hefty discount compared to its launch price.

Sadly, although the iPhone X looks a little better than the iPhone XR, we’d recommend the latter every time.For a start, the iPhone XR is £50 cheaper, but it also has a much better camera and a significantly faster processor on board.

So you’ll get more software updates, take seriously premium snaps and enjoy the most demanding apps and games.

As a result, it’s hard to recommend anyone buy the iPhone X any more.

Top deals:iPhone X on EE (30GB data) for £33 a month + £200 upfront (you pay £992 over 2 years) – buy nowThe iPhone XR is a stunning gadget – and extremely good value for moneyiPhone XR – is it worth buying in 2019?

Here are the headline stats for an iPhone XR:Screen: 6.1 inches, 326 pixels-per-inchChip: Apple A12 BionicStorage: 64GBCamera: 12MP, single lensPrice: £749

The iPhone XR is probably the best-value iPhone you can buy right now.

For £749, you get largely similar specs to the pricier iPhone XS – with the same main camera, and the super-speedy A12 Bionic chip (generally considered to be the fastest mobile processor on the planet).

It comes in six colour options, so there’s likely something for everyone.

The only downsides are that you miss out on the powerful secondary camera featured on the iPhone XS, and the screen is a standard LCD – rather than the genuinely stunning display on the phone’s pricier sibling.

However, the iPhone XR screen is slightly larger, by just under half an inch.

The Sun was extremely impressed with the iPhone XR, given that it’s a full £250 cheaper than the iPhone XS.

The iPhone XR even has a few advantages over its bigger brother: namely a wide-angle Portrait Mode that we actually prefer, and a longer battery life (by about an hour).

If you want a top iPhone but don’t want to fork out a grand, the iPhone XR is a great buy.

And there are some exceptional contract deals out there that make your purchase very cost effective.

Top deals:iPhone XR on EE (30GB data) for £36 a month + £100 upfront (you pay £964 over 2 years) – buy now

Getty Images – GettyThe iPhone XS and XS Max are the best models available right now – but they don’t come cheapiPhone XS and XS Max – are they worth buying in 2019?

Here are the headline stats for an iPhone XS:Screen: 5.8 inches (OLED), 458 pixels-per-inchChip: Apple A12 BionicStorage: 64GBCamera: 12MP, double lensPrice: £999

This is the crème de la crème of Apple smartphones – with bleeding edge specs that stomp all over rivals.

But not everyone will need to buy a top-calibre mobile like the iPhone XS.

It goes without saying that this model has the best camera, the most impressive screen, and the best computing heft of any iPhone.

But you’ll have to pay at least £999 for the iPhone XS and £1,099 for the iPhone XS Max, which isn’t cheap – even on contract.

This phone is for gadget fans who don’t mind spending top dollar for what is arguably the best smartphone in the world right now.

Or if you’re sick of laggy phones that don’t work, take rubbish photos or lose software support after just a few years, it might be worth splashing the cash and buying an iPhone you know will last.

However, for most people, it probably makes more sense to buy the slightly cheaper iPhone XR and retain most of the benefits – and save yourself £250 or more.

The screen on the iPhone XS is class-leading, so that may push you over the edge for a purchase. And the camera on the iPhone XS is better, overall.

It’s important to note: the iPhone XS Max has the biggest screen of any model by far, with a 6.5-inch display.

So if screen real estate is important to you then an iPhone XS Max purchase won’t disappoint. In fact, for media junkies and mobile gamers, it’s by far the best option.

Top deals:iPhone XS on EE (50GB data) for £48 a month + £490 upfront (you pay £1,642 over 2 years) – buy nowiPhone XS Max on EE (50GB data) for £58 a month + £445 upfront (you pay £1,837 over 2 years) – buy now

Picking an iPhone model – the quick advice

Here’s what you need to know…Don’t bother with the iPhone 7 – it’s the cheapest, but you’re better off spending an extra £150 for the iPhone 8If you can spend a little more, consider the iPhone XRIt’s got a similar designand specs to the top-end iPhone XS, but costs £250 less – and is within the reach of most Brit buyersOnly true gadget fans should consider forking out for the iPhone XS, which is extremely expensive – but also an incredible class-leading mobile phoneWe wouldn’t bother buying the iPhone X at this stage – the iPhone XR is far better value for money

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What model are you planning to upgrade to? Let us know in the comments!

I think you get the best iPhone buyer’s guide-2019